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    Detail and hand-craftsmanship goes into each canvas

    Vintage Sports Images owns over 200,000 negatives and slides from sports of all eras and players. To date, we have scanned 50,000 of these exceptional and rare images. From the 50,000, we have curated approximately 5,000 of the images – the cream of the crop. We choose these for a variety of reasons: quality of the shot, the player, the moment, the lighting, or anything that makes the image stand out.



    We have printed over 100 of these special images on canvases in a variety of sizes from 12” x 18” to 40” x 60” ranging in price from $110 to $630.

    Close to 500 of these are now available on our website, categorized under specific sports, player or team. All you need to do to own one of these rare, quality pieces of sports history is choose your size and have it shipped to your house.

    Our images are quality – in their unique capture of a moment, of a player, an emotion or a sport. We meticulously examine each negative or slide to make sure it is of the highest quality and does not show any scratches or age damage. Then we carefully scan it at a high resolution. We fix any imperfections if necessary, or, we leave them if they add to the “vintage” look of the photo. We are careful to tailor the maximum size of each print to the resolution so that the quality of your piece of sports history is impeccable.

    After printing an image on canvas, we stretch our canvases better than anyone out there (in our humble opinion). Why? They are crisp and tight, with no slack or soft spots.