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    Hello World!

    Hello World!

    Hey sports fans! Welcome to the Vintage Sports Images website. As you can see, we carry a lot of very cool, rare, vintage photos of your favorite sports moment, team or hero. We specialize in hockey, football, baseball and basketball, but also feature boxing, golf, auto racing and other sports. Whatever it is, you can be assured it is a great shot. Sometimes iconic, sometimes just a “moment” in time that deserves to be seen.

    I guess that is what really got me involved in this business. I come from an arts background, specifically animation. I also played and watched sports all my life. When I first saw these images at my friend (and former owner of this business) Eric Olsen’s house while picking up our daughters for softball practice, I was struck by not only the collection of sports icons like Bobby Orr and Hank Aaron, but also by the artistic quality of these negatives and slides. The color and the composition evoked a timelessness that I thought should be shared with the world. But Eric could not talk about business ideas or anything with me as he had just signed a non-disclosure agreement with the CBC to appear on their Dragons’ Den television show.

    Some time went by and the show aired and Eric wooed all the dragons, eventually doing a deal with Bruce Croxon. Luckily for me, that deal did not close, and Eric and I were free to discuss a business plan.

    We first began the long process of digitizing the negatives and slides in high resolution. We uncovered some beauties: NHL greats Orr, Howe, Gretzky, Beliveau… Unitas, Starr, Staubach and Favre from the NFL. MLB’s Mantle, Maris, Williams, Koufax and the NBA’s Jordan, Bird, Shaq and PGA’s Palmer, Nicklaus and Tiger. Boxing’s Ali and auto racing’s Petty… the list goes on. Going through this process brought back memories of growing up and pretending to be these guys in the sandlot or schoolyard, playing touch football, ball hockey or scrub baseball.
    When I brought home some of the stunning canvas prints we did as tests and showed them to my kids they were blown away. Then came the inevitable “who is that guy?” followed by my shock and dismay! It was then and there I decided that these photos needed to be seen by a new generation. If you like Brady and Manning, you should know who Bart Starr was, or at least Marino and Bradshaw! If you like Rory and Spieth, then you have to know who Jack and Arnie were. If you like the way Donaldson plays 3rd base, then you have to learn a little bit about the “Human Vacuum Cleaner,” Brooks Robinson. You get the idea.

    So we decided to “Go Big or Go Home” and opened a brand new retail gallery where people could come in and see these wonderful images on the walls and talk and share stories. Kind of like the barbershop of the old days. But we are “old school meets new” because you can also sit down and have a coffee and look through the website of over 500 images on our large screen iPads. If that is not enough, you can sit and look through our master computer “Cal” (named after my dog, who was named after Iron Man and loyal Oriole Cal Ripken Jr.).  Here you can search over 50,000 images by name, team, or sport.

    We have not been disappointed in our vision. Our North Vancouver neighborhood is also home to some very cool businesses, like our next-door neighbor MAN UP Grooming – not your ordinary salon. There you can watch football and have your feet done! Then there is Hearthstone Brewery down the street (beside Indigo Books) where you can enjoy a local brew and terrific firewood oven pizza. Kitty corner to that is the Hurricane Grill, also a great place for a bite and a beer, and directly across the street from us is Boston Pizza. There are new condos and young and old actually walking around the ‘hood, which is what a community is all about, and we are happy to be a part of it!

    So if you are local, come on down and see us. The “business in the front / parking in the back” is located at 1089 Marine Drive (at Lloyd). If you are not from the Lower Mainland, please browse our website and let us know how we can help. If you get an order in before Dec. 16th we can print it for you in time for it to be under the tree!

    That’s it for now.  Tune in next time!  

    - Blair Peters