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    The Lost Art of Conversation

    The Lost Art of Conversation

    Someone asked me the other day what I liked best about our Vintage Sports Images gallery and retail space – and without a doubt, it is that when people come in to check out our thousands of rare and never-before-seen NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA images, they inevitably talk about stories from the past. This happens with young and old alike. When it comes to sports history, age doesn’t matter. It is incredible and it's exactly what I hoped for when I opened the space.

    One guy came in and saw the Ted Williams signed jersey and bat we have on display and told me about how his dad hung out with Williams, “The Splendid Splinter” – Major League Baseball’s last .400 hitter. He showed me a picture of himself as a young kid fishing with the legend. It turns out, his dad and Williams were good buddies and went out and cast a few back in the day.

    Another fellow came in and was looking at a Gerry Cheevers print. He started talking about the 70's goalies and goalie masks and said that he still plays today, in old-school goalie gear. How awesome is that? It turns out, he’s a part of a whole group of people who love that era and keep it alive in so many different ways. Our chat reminded me about my first year of Tom Thumb hockey in Sault Ste. Marie, ON (home of NHL heroes Tony and Phil Esposito) and being handed a Flyers jersey (number 2 Ed Van Impe). In my heart, I am still a Flyers fan.

    Another great experience was with a woman who came in the other day looking for a Leafs print – a gift for her 80-year-old father-in-law. We started talking about how she used to trade the old Esso Power Players cards at school so she could fill the book – you got them at the gas station. Canadian icon comedian Mike Myers also mentions doing this in Canada, his new book, which I got for Christmas. This was a passion of mine in school. Maybe it was for you too. She and I had a great conversation about which players were hard to get, which you always had doubles or triples of, and which ones were favorites. It was such a blast from the past.

    Check out the old ad for the Esso Power Players here

    The point is that these images conjure up the lost art of conversation. Anything to get people to put down their smartphones and just talk to each other – and have a real conversation that they are both passionate about – is one of the things I live for!

    I look forward to having many more of these conversations – hopefully with the next person who walks in the door.

    Bobby Orr!!!

    Bobby Orr!!!

    Bobby Orr is a sports icon that has touched the hearts of so many people. Not just for his incredible talent on the ice, but for his charitable work as well. I have always been a big fan of #4 – Bobby Orr. (And that’s “number 4” not “hashtag 4!”)

    I was a big Boston Bruins fan as a kid. I loved watching Bobby Orr. The way that he skated from the rink’s end to end and was able to seemingly score whenever he wanted to always amazed me. He continues to be – even all these years after he retired – one of my (and many people’s) all-time favorites of the small class of NHL greats, no matter who your team was.

    When I first saw the images of Bobby Orr that we have in our sports images collection at Vintage Sports Images, I was blown away – and taken back to those nights of watching this memorable athlete in the NHL. While I know that I can’t take every one of our spectacular images home with me, I knew I had to have an image of Orr.

    I have found the perfect spot in my home office for the Orr shot. We printed this shot onto a 24” x 18” and 2” thick canvas and it looks incredible. It has a painterly/art look that reminds me of one of my favorite sports painters, Ken Danby, who was from near my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

    This print of Bobby Orr can be custom ordered on canvas or on archival paper with white matte and a classic simple black frame. This is a great shot and a perfect gift for a loved one – or for yourself (like I did!).

    And yes, even though I own the business, I am an extremely happy customer of Vintage Sports Images!

    Another Happy VSI Customer

    Another Happy VSI Customer

    Well – it’s always a good day when one of our Vintage Sports Images prints finds a nice home! This time, it is a great NHL Bobby Orr and Gerry Cheevers image and it will be housed at my friend, Jim West’s office at Westworks Construction. Jim is the builder who renovated our new Vintage Sports Images gallery retail space. We were thrilled to get Jim for the reno – he is a quality builder and understood what we wanted to achieve in creating a comfortable retail sports store for our images. We wanted it to be a place where people felt comfortable, where they can come in and talk to us about what they are looking for and we can get them the perfect image.

    While he was in talking to us about the renovation, he couldn’t believe some of the incredible images of sports icons that we have. It wasn’t long before he found the Bobby Orr image – and knew he had to have it. He was pretty excited to have the image to hang up in his office and we were pretty thrilled to have another happy customer!

    The Vintage Look

    The Vintage Look

    I am super happy with these samples that my friend, Kindrey Kaufman, brought over recently. She took prints of a couple of our Vintage Sports Images sports pictures and transferred them onto thick wood and then sanded them around the edges to give them a vintage look!

    These are 8” x 8” black and white samples of NHL hockey legend Gordie Howe and baseball greats Babe Ruth and Shoeless Joe Jackson. They are perfect for small spaces in the home or office.

    I especially like what she did with old newspaper clippings on the Babe and Shoeless Joe shot!

    They will be available in larger sizes too and you can custom order. Next up, we will try this on thick plaster. We are thinking outside the box and having fun! These will be in addition to our regular canvas and archival paper prints.